IQAmericas briefing: The Venezuela’s Issue, A Full Flag Dictatorship & Ecuador’s new President


IQ Americas is our new political and business intelligence briefing for the Inter-American market.  This month we welcome you to our Venezuela’s Issue, also our analysis about Ecuador’s new President and invite you to read our section of IQ strengthener bars and Op-Ed & Analysis recommendations.

Venezuela’s turmoil unfolds against a somber background. The country faces an economic crisis without precedent in its contemporary history. The current political standoff took a new twist the last days of March when the Supreme Court ruled that it was taking over the legislature’s functions. This prompted an international outcry and the tribunal quickly changed the offending clauses. But the world had a chance to witness Maduro’s autocratic face. On April 6th, after several days of street protest that were brutally repressed by the Government, lawmakers passed one motion denouncing the “rupture” of Venezuela’s constitution and another to start the removal of Supreme Court judges. This and other recent developments are an aggravation of a continued political and constitutional crisis in this oil-rich country. We can understand the situation from the perspective of: 1) The suffering of the Venezuelan people; 2) A broken economy; 3) The International community; 4) The Venezuelan regime.

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