IQAMERICAS briefing: The Freedom of the Press issue, Venezuela on the brink, the urgency of NAFTA and more


IQ Americas –your political and business intelligence briefing for the Inter-American market.  This month we welcome you to our Freedom of the Press Issue and invite you to read about NAFTA, among other smart stuff –about Venezuela, for example– in our section of IQ strengthener bars and, of course, our Op-Ed & Analysis recommendations.

Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders and the Committee for the Protection of Journalists released at the end of April three independent reports on the current state of freedom of the press in the world. This IQAmericas Issue draws from their findings to set a background that helps us to better understand the current business environment in the region. The report Freedom of the Press 2017 concluded that last year, freedom worldwide has deteriorated to its lowest point in 13 years.

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